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以圣多米尼克为向导, 多明我修道士们, 姐妹, 修女, and laity have valued and promoted the diversity found in the one human  family, while acknowledging that all people are called to the same eternal destiny in the Kingdom of God. 作为多米尼加的一个机构, Fenwick High  School continues the great Dominican tradition of inclusion and welcome for the common good. This process is rooted in interaction with those of different backgrounds, 文化, 和生活方式. 经历了种族, 性别, 少数民族, religious and socio-economic diversity enriches everyone involved in the educational enterprise.

Fenwick commits itself to welcoming every student who would flourish by embracing our Dominican, 天主教, 大学预备课程. Fenwick pledges that no one will face discrimination based on race, 性别, 宗教, 文化, 种族或性取向. A Fenwick education will be marked by respect and inclusion.


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